Kompetenz seit 1969.

Grützmacher IndustrietechnikContract manufacturing in mechanical engineering and machining technology

The origins of Grützmacher Industrietechnik GmbH can be traced back to 1969. The company was initially active in the fields of general and special machine construction as well as contract production. Once the company had established itself on the market, a new production hall with an adjoining administration building was built in 1976. Investments were also made in modern tooling machines. This combination enabled the ideal implementation of the broad production range "Mechanical engineering from A-Z – from individual components to complete machines."

Today, the core competence of this traditional, family-owned company lies in small to medium-size contract production series (mechanical engineering and machining). Over the years, the machinery has been expanded to include various CNC tooling machines which, in part, are operated by specialists trained in house. There are now 20 CNC machines in operation alongside many other devices and machines to produce the most diverse parts and complete assemblies.

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Grützmacher Industrietechnik GmbH
Axel Grützmacher
Hasberger Str. 196
27751 Delmenhorst

Telephone: +49 (0) 4221 / 4996-0

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Our production capabilitiesWe will support you through your project

Turning department

  • CNC turning up to dia. 500 x 1,250 mm, hollow spindle up to 105 mm
  • Conventional turning up to:
    dia. 865 x 300 mm, alternatively up to
    dia. 310 x 2.000 mm
  • CNC programming with the very latest programming system, Mastercam X9 from 2017

Milling department

  • CNC milling up to 2.500 mm
  • CNC programming with the very latest programming system, Mastercam X9 from 2017

Drilling department

A whole range of drilling work is possible in the drilling department. Radial drilling machines for deeper drill holes and various pillar drilling machines.

  • Special drilling technology

Grinding department

The widest range of grinding work can be performed in the grinding department:

  • Round, flat and universal grinding

Deburring department

The deburring department is staffed by trained specialists who work cleanly and thoroughly to prepare all the parts for assembly, surface/heat treatment and dispatch.

  • Deburring and cleaning of all parts

Sawing department

A comprehensive range of sawing work can be performed in this department. A total of seven saws (4 fully automatic, 3 hand-held circular saws) are available here. Mitre and centre cuts can also be performed.

  • Sawing:
    Round steel up to 400 mm in diameter and
    flat steel up to 600 mm in width

Sheet metal working

  • Sheet metal working and all subsequent work, laser-cut and chamfered parts with partner operations

Welding department

  • Welding of complete components with all subsequent work

Assembly department

  • Assembly of complete modules including purchased and standard parts


  • Painting, e.g., priming and top coat application done in house


  • Grooves and splices

Surface and heat treatments

  • All surface treatments with partner operations
  • All heat treatments with partner operations

Special materials

  • Cast parts, complete processing of almost all materials, pre-finished (material provided by customer)
  • Forged parts, complete processing of almost all materials, pre-finished (material provided by customer)
  • Almost all steel types
  • Almost all non-ferrous metals
  • Almost all plastics
  • Various special materials, e.g.: highly wear-resistant materials such as titanium, Hardox, 16MnCr5, 42CrMo4+QT, 30CrNiMo8+QT, fine-grained steels etc.